Called the World’s Best Player, This is Kevin De Bruyne’s Answer


Kevin De Bruyne is reluctant to answer whether there are better players than him at the moment. For him, playing well in every game is far more important.

De Bruyne was the star of the Belgian slot online national team in the 2020 European Cup Qualifying match against hosts Scotland on Tuesday (10/9). In the match that ended 4-0, De Bruyne played a role in all the goals scored by the De Rode Duivels camp, with a score of 3 assists and 1 goal.

Amazingly, the 28-year player managed to contribute three assists in just a span of 23 minutes. He became the first player to be able to record 3 assists in 1 match during the 2020 European Cup Qualification round

The incision completes the convincing statistics of De Bruyne with Manchester City this season. In four Premier League matches, he has recorded five assists and one goal. This record makes it touted as one of the best players in the world today.

However, the player chose to be modest. When asked if there are players who are better than him at the moment, De Bruyne is grateful that he is not the one who has to give an assessment.

“Luckily I don’t have to judge that. I just have to play my best,” De Bruyne said, as quoted by Omnisport.

“I have played in many matches and started to be comfortable with the rhythm of my game. That’s important, because there are still a lot of games to go through,” continued De Bruyne.

“When your career is over, you can see what you have achieved. But now I just want to win a lot of championships. The sooner it gets, the better. It’s also important for the rest of the season,” he said.