How to play casino games correctly and win them


A lot of people ask me how I do it, win tonnes of money from just a hundred or so. All I can say to this is that I play within my means. I am patient and play slots slowly.

Autoplay seems to be a great way to trigger a bonus round.

Nudging works only when you first open a new game or change the coin size and collect the scatter symbols which flash up.

Please note, this method does not work throughout a game or session but only at the very beginning! You could lose wins or bonus rounds by nudging and missing pay lines/scatters.

After a win, I place just a couple more bets, then I lower my coin size and leave things brewing for a while. I savour the experience of winning!

A common mistake with newbies is that they keep playing the same game/s putting all their wins into the same game that just popped, such a waste! While I can understand the reasoning, it’s not very likely that you will continue to win on the same game over time. This is due to a combination of things, the payback rate, the fatigue of playing the same game and the random generator will go off at regular intervals only.

That’s the reason why it’s highly recommended to take regular intervals, hourly refreshment breaks.

If you are betting to profit and not for entertainment, while there is no guarantee, you may have bonus wager requirements to complete, or other terms, take comfort in the knowledge that it is doable.

Some people grow impatient with the wagering rules and don’t want to play for hours, which is understandable. Still, it’s very important that you don’t become frustrated with the casino or the game or you will lose your money. Just take a break and finish it later.

While some bonus offers are opt-in, others are not. You can still win with a bonus, but it will usually take far longer.

Players who spin slots for pleasure will likely enjoy a big casino bonus and make the most of it.

Another excellent way to start making a few quid is Bingo. If you are like me and you enjoy the season of betting and casinos, you will want to enjoy and take your time. Bingo allows you to play at a slower rate than a regular online casino. You can buy bingo tickets, spin slot games and play Keno at your leisure.

The most important when you want to beat the casinos is to play what you can afford. Here’s a classic example: You’re playing a slot game at an online casino or mobile casino, the payback average for the game is 95% (that’s normal), you begin winning money after 5 minutes, you make say $50. You’re playing for an hour on the same slot with $100 plus $50 and your bets are $1 each, you do the math! It won’t last you five minutes! It’s the same with larger deposits and larger wagers. You can raise your bets once in a while if the game is red hot, Players must remain in control if they raise the bet/coin size and lower their bets quickly afterwards.

Table games, I always consider BlackJack to be the safest bet but that is just my opinion also. The dealer will have to continue playing until they get 17 or more and that gives the player the advantage right away.

At the end of the day, I think that maths, gameplan and setting limits are essential. If you want to log off at such a time, you should do that. If you would like to win only a certain amount, take it and go. If you want to go for bigger bets and take risks, please, please make sure you can afford to do so and enjoy yourself!

Never chase after money, don’t play when you’re in debt or chase losses. It usually gets worse and worse!

If you have had a dodgy moment, try and learn from your mistake and set a cooling-off period. A few people are so adversely affected by gambling that they lose their homes or get into serious financial difficulty. Looking at what where you went wrong will save heartache.

Assess the situation at hand, set yourself a limit, vary your games, join other casinos rather than just the one, spread the bet, play slowly, stay off the high bets and see what you can win!

Take some notes of what you won and what coin size, game and time.

Look at the symbols around the scatter and the bonus round symbols.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for trying to beat casinos…

I hope you have an awesome win!