Play online poker with ethereum

010 provides online tables to play no-limit texas hold’em poker with Ethereum: µETH is the currency on tables. No registration is required to play, the rake of 1% is lower than any other rooms and it is also a web-based game so there is nothing to install to be able to play.

The first step to join a table is to type your ethereum address: the website will immediatly transfer back your coins to this address once you quit the table. The second step is to transfer ethereum to the address generated by the website and you will be automatically redirected to the table when the transaction will be confirmed.

Players are free to join or to quit a table whenever they want. Messages can be sent through the chatbox while playing. The table offers others nice features: it is possible to broadcast your webcam or to throw tomatos for examples. Online poker is even more fun, since it allows you to play from the comfort of your home and stay at a table with various international players. It also eliminates the stress that can be faced on regular tables.

01 is powered by Ethereum: the future of currency., the future of playing poker, available in english, french, german, spanish, italian, portuguese, russian, chinese, hungarian, roumanian. Playing poker with cryptocurrencies is the new thing and it will only continue to get bigger as the crypto world evolves.