Why players prefer poker to other table top games


Why Poker?

Poker is a thrilling card that has been around for quite some time. Poker originated from America and currently the most popular variation of poker is called Texas Hold’Em.

Poker is a game about luck and skill. The game is about playing other players and not the house. Almost all other table top games you will be playing against the house or casino.

For the most part, you cannot win in the long run in table top games. The games have been solved on a mathematical level and they are in the casino’s favor.

Poker has not been solved.

While there are insanely complex and detailed strategies, it is not a solved game. Poker is the only game in the casino where you can win in the long run.

You might think, doesn’t the casino not want players to win in the long run?

When you win money in poker you are not winning money the casino’s money, you are winning another player’s money. The casino or house will take a percentage of most pots. It doesn’t matter to the casino which players win or lose. The only thing that matters to them is having players play the game and pay the rake.

Professional Level

While there are still strategies for other table tops games like Blackjack or Baccarat, it doesn’t even scratch the surface in comparison to the strategies that are available in poker.

In poker you are trying to outsmart your opponents. Poker has enough skill involved that becoming a professional poker player is possible. You will never hear of a professional roulette player.

There are 1000s and 1000s of professional poker players around the world. Most of these players have studied and worked really hard at optimizing their poker strategies. These professional poker players’ strategies work in both increasing their win rate as high as possible, while also making them a tough opponent to play against.

Big Dreams

There is a certain allure for players both wanting to play this game as a hobby or who have dreams of becoming a pro. Poker is a televised event, especially the major tournaments like the World Series of Poker. Some of these players are winning millions of dollars. This is a life changing amount of money for practically anyone across the globe.

Poker waves and booms have happened over the years. What I mean by waves and booms is that the number of players and people interested in playing poker dramatically increases in a short period of time.

There are different reasons for waves and booms. The original poker boom started in 2004 when Chris Moneymaker won the Main event in the World Series of Poker.

Now, this wasn’t the first time an amateur player had won the main event. The thing is, Chris Moneymaker didn’t even pay up the $10,000 entrance fee to enter. He had won a satellite ticket online playing a Sit’n’Go. A Sit’n’Go is basically like a mini tournament that finishes at a quicker pace. The top prizes can either be tickets to bigger tournaments or cash prizes.

Online poker hadn’t been around for very long and wasn’t that popular. When people witnessed this average American amateur accomplish the impossible, that dream inspired the masses. This was the biggest poker boom, especially for online poker.


Another reason why players prefer poker over other table top games is that poker is competitive. You are playing against other players and you are trying to take their money by using your brain. This can turn into a fun experience where you can meet friends and discuss different strategies. There is also quite a high level of satisfaction when you outsmart the other players at the table.

What is said to be one of the best feelings in poker, is pulling off a big bluff. You are essentially lying to the other player and taking his money away from him. You have found a situation where you can win money without having to get lucky.

A good bluff is where a lot of the skill comes in. Throwing your hand away when you know you’re beat takes a lifetime to master. Throwing away a good hand is TOUGH!

Fresh Game

Poker is an ever-evolving game. New strategies, tips and play styles keep evolving over the years. For other table top games, the strategies are not going to change that much as time goes on. There isn’t as much choice or options even in a game like Black Jack.

Poker strategies keep evolving and the best moves can keep changing in a lot of different situations, this keeps the game fresh. Also, there are many different winning strategies that will work! In other table top games the strategies are basic and there isn’t that many to choose from and you can’t win in the long run no matter how good your strategy is.

In poker, you can play with an unorthodox style or strategy that other players cannot quite figure out and you can win.

To summarize

You can win in poker without having to be a world class player. You just have to be better than the other people that are sat down at the table. Poker is an interesting game. Every player believes they have an edge or an advantage over the other players at the table. Almost every player thinks that they are good or superior in some way.

Poker is a game that is unique and different to any other table top game because you are playing against the other players and not the house. You can win money in this game without having to get lucky and hit good hands. The game relies heavily on skill, but you can still win a lot of money in the short-term with luck. In other table top games you will not be able to win long-term and become a professional player. You can become a professional poker player, if you put in enough time and hard work.

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